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Our Latest and Greatest Hyperbaric Patient

Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings and NBA Rookie of the Year getting into the hyperbaric chamber. Continue reading

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Hyperbaric Shown to Increase New Brain Cells

Check out this link to a study about how hyperbaric therapy can lead to an increase in new brain cells. Certainly a technical article but the gist is exciting! Hyperbaric oxygen induces endogenous neural stem cells to proliferate and … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric for a Racing Horse? Though I couldn’t do this in my office (I am not a veterinarian, nor do I think it would be all that easy to get a horse into my office let alone my chamber), it does bring up a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Hyperbaric Healing!

Hyperbaric Therapy has been around for centuries. Unfortunately, it still feels like a new treatment. Indeed, we are discovering new uses for the hyperbaric chamber every year. The research all indicates that hyperbaric has benefit, but protocols and evidence for … Continue reading

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